Recruitment of Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) – Supplementary Assignment Arrangements for the 201 7 / 1 8 school year – 1 Circular 0042 /2017

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May 29, 2017 by johnston00

The Minister for Education and Skills directs you to implement the following

supplementary assignment arrangements for SNAs for the 2017//18/ school year.

These arrangements are to be implemented by each employer with immediate effect

and allschools/ETBsand special needs assistants must adhere to the terms of this



This Circular replaces and supersedes Circular 0035/2016


The purpose of this Circular is to notify managerial authorities, Chief Executives of Education and Training Boards (ETBs) and SNAs of supplementary assignment arrangements for SNAs for the 2017/18 school year.

To address the issue of casualisation of employment amongst SNAs, where a school/ETB has an additional allocation of SNA hours/posts (e.g. an additional allocation of SNA hours/posts or an SNA has left the employment) then that additional allocation of hours/posts must be offered to any existing part-time SNAs in that school, in order of seniority, before the employer has recourse to these arrangements.

This means that before an employer opts to recruit a further person as an SNA(s), they must ensure that all existing part-time SNAs in their employment, in order of seniority, have been offered a full-time position in the school or, in the case of ETBs, a full-time position in a school within the ETB scheme.
Full details are set out in Section 15 of this Circular.
Circulars or regulations governing the recruitment of SNAs are taken to be amended only to the extent outlined in this Circular. Accordingly, employers should continue to follow existing procedures on recruitment of SNAs subject to the inclusion of the following measures to facilitate the operation of these supplementary assignment arrangements for SNAs. In the case of primary and special schools this is in accordance with Appendix H of the Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2015-2019, or any revision of same that is applicable at that time.

Please ensure that copies of this Circular are provided to the Board of Management/ Education and Training Board and its contents are brought to the attention of all SNAs in your employment including those on leave of absence.

Any queries in respect of this Circular should be directed by e-mail only to the following dedicated e-mail address:
This Circular can be accessed on the Department’s website

Philip Crosby
External Staff Relations
25 May 2017

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