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August 26, 2017 by johnston00

Schools in Ireland now have access to the Irish Newspaper Archive through the Schools Broadband Network.

The archive gives teachers and students unrivalled access to primary source documents through national and local newspapers covering hundreds of years of Irish history. Over 60 newspapers are included in the archive with some dating back as far as 1738.

Over the coming months (February to April, 2017) Scoilnet will be adding lesson suggestions and activities to make it really practical and easy to use in the classroom.

At the moment the archive is only accessible with the Schools Broadband Network but Scoilnet is hopeful that in time teachers will be able to view from outside school through their Scoilnet Account sign-in. More about that later!

In the meantime, users on the Schools Broadband can browse, search, view, print and save articles.


National Newspapers

Belfast Newsletter (1738 – 1890)
Freeman’s Journal (1763 – 1924)
Irish Examiner (1841 – current)
Irish Farmers Journal (1957 – 1998)
Irish Independent (1905 – current)
Irish Press (1931 – 1995)
Sunday Independent (1906 – current)
Local Newspapers

A large number of regional newspapers are also available. Most of the local papers linked from the archive offer users access to articles from a period in the past up to the present day while others are no longer printed, like The Nation (1842 – 1897), The Western Journal (1977 – 1983) or the often quoted Skibbereen Eagle (1882 – 1922).
Support Videos

The Irish Newspaper Archive has a number of support videos to help users get the most from the service:

Lesson Activities

Some of our subject editors have put together Lessons that use old papers from the Newspaper Archive. Here are a few:

Writing a Recipe
PowerPoint presentation that includes an article from the Irish Independent, 20 February 1914. The class are asked to rewrite this article in a more modern recipe format. (Primary)

Timothy the Tortoise
PowerPoint presentation using articles from the INA to explore a toirtoise that was the known oldest survivor of the Crimean War. The activity within the presentation contains questions for the class to answer once they have read the article. (Primary)

Media and the 6 Nations Rugby Championship
Includes links to newspaper articles as far back as 1921 about rugby games between Ireland and the other 6 Nations Rugby teams. (Primary)

Post-Primary History Activities
Short one page list of ideas for how students could engage with the INA.

Post-Primary First Dáil 
Presentation on First Dáil with activities. Activities encourage students to become historians by researching the primary sources within the Irish Newspaper Archive.

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