Didn’t Notice That by Jennifer O’Connor

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May 3, 2019 by johnston00

In our generation a lot of children get mobile phones at an extremely young age. One of the big reasons this is happening is because parents no longer know how to entertain their children and work a lot longer because the money is needed. The big problem now is children and teenagers are getting addicted to their phones and are not noticing what is happening in the world they are present in.

We don’t notice how our world that we live in is being mistreated and destroyed by our actions and we can change how we treat it but it would be too much effort for most of us. The future generations will have to clean up the mess we made because we were too busy watching funny videos and snapchatting our friends. We always see peoples’ posts of their amazing food and drinks like Starbucks and fizzy drinks but we never see the posts of the birds and whales choking and starving on the plastic cups and straws used by these global empires.

We don’t notice how bad we have become in socializing and how it is awkward when you meet someone new because you don’t know how to start a conversation and you are scared what they will think of you. Though before phones the only way you could get a friend was to talk to someone. Now followers seem so important and even having one hundred ‘followers’ seems so little and is often looked down on. Nobody notices how we don’t know who our followers are or notice that they could be stalking our profiles and using the information to find where we live. When we are older if all we had relied on was Facebook friends then we would have no real friends to meet up with.

We don’t notice how our words online can seriously hurt someone’s feelings and sometimes we say things that we don’t really mean. A lot of People become way more confident online and say things to other people that wouldn’t say in person because they would feel too scared to say that in person. Sometimes people say something mean to someone online because they think it would be funny but it isn’t and it can make the other person feel really bad about themselves and lower their self-confidence. Furthermore, the reason is that the person wants to make someone else feel bad to make themselves feel better.

We don’t notice how there are people in this world that don’t have any shelter or food and are trying to survive each day. There are people that we walk past on the street that we look down on for not having a home and assuming it’s their fault they are there and they are addicted to something. Whenever we buy some food or drinks and give it to a homeless person we feel a need to take a video or picture and post it to show everyone that we are amazing people that are so kind and helpful and look for praise.

There are also a lot people that post so much about their life that is made up they don’t see what is happening in reality. Even though our phones seem so bad it is nice to have a laugh and talk to friends you can’t see that often and play videos and games. Sometimes it’s good to put down your screen and appreciate the natural beauty of our world. We don’t need a picture or video to remember the good times we had because if we always do that we will miss the special moments.

Congratulations to Jennifer O’Connor, this years winner of the Most Memorable Essay in our Essay Competition 2019. Jennifer is currently a 1st year student at Mount Saint Michael, Rosscarbery.

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